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There have been several cold mornings this week and on the morning of the ninth we saw temps in the low twenties.  The blooms which were still fairly tight persevered well, but the open blooms were mostly killed.  I think there is still a good crop left, but some varieties can’t tolerate much more loss.  The coming week calls for several freeze events before a warming trend develops.  We are not quite as advanced in bloom as we were last year when we went through a similar two week event of relentless freezes, so I’m optimistic we’ll come through with at least a half crop.  Check back later for more farm news.



Blooms are further advanced than we would like at this time.  Some varieties are 50 percent open while some are still swollen but are holding back.  Colder weather next week will slow down the progress of the blooms, but we are still going to be two weeks ahead of normal.  We can stand high 20s for a short period of time in bloom stage so 26 would probably be the threshold temperature we would like to be above.  When we get past bloom anything below 30 degrees could mean severe damage to the crop.  We continue to prune the trees and apply weed control to the orchard floor.  Check back later for more farm news.