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We have been in short supply of peaches for two weeks, but our late peaches will begin this week with a good supply.  Fairtime, Autumnprince, and Sweet September are almost ready to pick so our peach supply should be good through mid September.  We are picking Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples also.  Sweet Potatoes should be ready around September 15th.  Due to the light apple crop we will probably close in early October.  Check back later for more farm news.



This will be a light week of peaches with Flameprince being the main variety.  We will have a few August Lady peaches also.  Our supply will increase next week with Fairtime and a few Big Reds, followed by Autumnprince and Sweet September.  We will be picking Golden and Red Delicious sometime next week, with Granny Smith ripening a short time later.  We continue to have tomatoes and watermelons available.  Check back later for more farm news.



We are entering the beginning of late peaches with Tyler, Augustprince, and Sweet Sue ripening this week.  We still have melons, tomatoes, lopes, and blueberries available.  The Gala apples are coming in along with a cooking apple.  July was a good month for peach supply, but August could be spotty, especially mid-August.  The late varieties which begin in late August should be plentiful.  Check back later for more farm news.