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We are picking Harvestors which are beautiful, but there is a short crop of them.  Blazeprince peaches are also in at this time, but there is a percentage of this variety which are showing cold damage, meaning some are not sizing properly.  Our peach supply is down and we haven’t got many for wholesale.  Next week we will start on Fireprince and Carolina Belle, but the supply of peaches will be light until Contender comes in after the fourth.  We have melons, lopes, cukes, corn, and tomatoes available at the fruit stand.  Check back later for more farm news.



We will open the fruit stand on Monday the 14th.  The first peaches will be clings, which are fine for eating, but the freestones which most prefer will be available soon.  This is a short crop year, but we hope to keep a supply of peaches available throughout the season.  However, if someone wants several baskets of a variety we suggest a call to verify availability.  The weather has been good and we have received several good rains, but not enough to create problems.  We should have cucumbers, corn, and squash available next week, but melons and lopes will be later.  Check back later for more farm news.