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Some varieties of peaches are looking better.  There are still some peaches which are slow to grow, but some varieties are looking normal.  We will thin some of the heavier loaded varieties next week.  Contenders, Cresthaven, Blazeprince, and Summerprince will require a normal amount of thinning, but most varieties won’t need much.  Apples were damaged more than I previously thought.  Goldens are light while Granny Smith and Arkansas Black seem normal.  We will know more as they start growing.  Check back later for more farm news.



We are still not sure about this peach crop.  There are areas that were basically wiped out.  A damaged crop will always get worse because some of the peaches that look alive could still be mortally damaged.  My estimate would put this crop at around 30 percent of a full crop, however this estimate may change some in the next two weeks.  We are managing the orchard as usual, but have eliminated spraying in areas that are definitely wiped out.  Apples also had damage, but I don’t believe it will hurt the overall crop.  Check back later for more farm news.