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It is too early to tell, but it seems the peach crop is in good shape at this time.  There is some bud damage, but the majority seem to have survived the 5 degree temperatures of last week.  The fact that we had not had a warm period this winter has helped hold the buds back.  I believe we will more than likely have a later than normal bloom this year.  Normally this is beneficial because it is after bloom when the peaches are more vulnerable to freeze damage.  We are still pruning and applying herbicides for weed control at this time, so when the warm weather arrives we have plenty to do.  Check back later for more farm news.



THE PEACH CROP COULD BE IN PERIL.  The forecast is calling for two nights with lows of single digits.  I have never seen temps that low in February.  In 1985 the peach crop was killed in January by similar temps.  If the forecast is correct there will be damage.  It is hard to predict the severity.  It could be that some varieties survive.  At this time there is an ice coating on some limbs due to last night’s freezing rain.  I think an ice coat could provide some insulation to the buds on selective limbs.  I should know something when it warms up enough to thaw out the buds.  Check back for more peach news.