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This week we will begin our last three peach varieties.  If we have dry weather the peaches could last three more weeks.  Apples will be plentiful this month with Red and Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Fuji being the main varieties.  Sweet Potatoes are late this year and should be in around the 20th of September.  Our pumpkins look good, and we should have decorating and eating pumpkins by mid-September.  Check back later for more farm news.



We are starting to pick late peaches now.  These are my favorite peaches because they tend to hold better than mid-season peaches.  This gives us a longer window to get the peaches picked.  Late peaches have good flavor but are drier fleshed.  Some late peaches refuse to get super soft, so when they get spongy they are ready to eat.  We should have peaches for another month.  We are finishing Gala apples, but are starting on Goldens.  Later in the month we will begin to pick Red Delicious and Granny Smith.  Melons are near their end,  but in September sweet potatoes will begin.  Check back later for more farm news.



This week peaches will be plentiful with Tyler, Sunprince, Carolina Gold, and China Pearl in full harvest.  We are also picking Gala apples.  Rain and clouds have been plentiful the last few days and we are hoping to dry out soon.  Blueberries are past their peak, but should continue to be available for two more weeks.  Melons and cucumbers are still in.  Stop by soon while good peaches are still available.  That’s all till next week. Thanks for reading our blog.