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PEACH SEASON IS HERE.  We will open around the 14th of June.  Overall, the crop looks good even though some varieties will be short in production.  It is dry right now, but this is good for peaches because there is less disease pressure and dry season peaches are sweeter.  We will probably have two weeks of clings before the freestones come in.  Our first varieties will be Rubyprince, Summerprince, and Sureprince.  Tomatoes are growing and some should be ready soon after we open.  Check back soon for more updates.



The peach crop is looking better.  The fruit is growing in the recent heat and I am optimistic that there will be a good crop.  We have been thinning the crop and some varieties are thick with fruit.   Tomato plants and sweet corn are growing.  We recently planted cucumbers and watermelons.  Some apple varieties are light, but overall, the crop looks good.  The blueberries have grown well and this year we should pick quite a few off of these young plants.  The fruit stand will probably open around mid-June.  Check back later for more farm news.