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The verdict is not out yet on this year’s crop.  Peaches are starting to grow and some varieties are shedding fruit that have been cold damaged.  It will be another week or two before we can put a fair estimate on this crop.  Some varieties appear to be fine.  The best varieties seem to be Summerprince, Contender, Julyprince, Scarletprince, Ruston Red, Flameprince, and September Sun.  We have planted tomatoes and sweet corn.  Next week we will probably plant cucumbers, squash, and watermelons.  Apples bloomed after the cold, so they are fine.  Check back later for more farm news.



We have been busy the last two weeks spraying for weeds and applying scab sprays.  The peaches are just breaking out of the bloom stage, and small peaches are growing.  It seems to be a good crop for now, but cold temperatures are forecasted for this week with lows around freezing.  It looks like the wind will blow, which should help keep the temperature up some.  I believe we can stand 30 degrees for a short time.  Temps in the twenties could cause severe damage.  Wind machines are only helpful on calm nights, so we may be spectators for this event.  Check back later for more farm news.