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The last two nights have seen temps in the twenty-seven degree range.  Fortunately, we are ten days behind normal and the peaches are still in early bloom.  Damage has been light and we are hopeful the cold is letting up.  There are still two to three weeks of possible sub freezing temps.  When peaches leave the bloom stage they become more vulnerable to freezing temps.  Pruning is basically finished, but there is still work to do on irrigation lines and weed control.  Check back later for more farm news.



The cold temperatures on the morning of the 14th did more damage than I anticipated.  I saw 28 degrees at my house, but the orchard must have gone much colder.  I would guess low 20s in some areas.  Several varieties have been hit hard and all varieties have some degree of damage.  There will still be a good crop of peaches if the remaining buds survive the next month.  I believe the wet soil may have caused the buds to be tender and more vulnerable to freezing temperatures.  We are almost finished pruning and fertilizing.  We will be installing more irrigation lines in the young trees this month.  Check back for more farm news.



It’s still pretty cold as we’ve been back in the teens at night lately.  The pruning is 70% finished and we are almost finished with the winter herbicides.  This week we hope to apply fertilize to the orchard if it arrives on schedule.  We are also waiting on irrigation supplies, but setting that up can wait till later in the month.  Spring is coming and the work is going to pile up.  Check back later for more farm updates.