The 2013 peach crop is getting smaller.  After thorough inspection, I am certain that many varieties are going to be in short supply.  There are lots of tiny peaches which will certainly fall off.  There are peaches which are nickel size which will stick and make a peach. The peaches that are medium size will determine the total crop.  I lean toward a 50-60% crop at this time.  This week we will spray all the peaches even though I doubt if some varieties are worth spraying.  I just can’t take a chance of skipping a spraying that may cause disease problems on these light varieties.  Next week I will try to list the varieties which I predict a good crop.  This is also looking like a very late crop and we will probably not open until mid June.  We will plant watermelons and tomatoes this week.  Tune in next week for more farm news.

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