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The freezing temperatures of the 22nd were harsh, as we saw temperatures as low as 21 degrees.  It will be several days before we can be sure of the extent of the damage, but at this time we are finding enough live buds to have a good crop of peaches.  Each variety has lots of dead blooms but if 10% survive it will be enough for a normal crop.  We were fortunate that the crop was in early to mid bloom, because the buds are hardy then.  In another week any temperature below freezing could result in damage.  We have at least two more weeks to sweat it, so it is still wait and see.  Check back next week for an update.



Weather is the concern this week as cold temperatures are coming.  Forecast vary from lows of 26 to 29 and several mornings around freezing.  We have probably half our varieties in full bloom and the rest at least partially full.  Mid twenties will certainly cause extensive damage, but temperatures around 29 or 30 would probably not do much.  We have prepared our wind machines, but they are only effective in calm winds and a borderline freeze.

We have also been putting in permanent irrrigation lines on our newy planted trees.  These trees will have microsprinklers placed under each tree which hastens their growth in their early years and grows larger fruit when mature.

Hopefully my next post will be good news about the crop.  Tune in next week.



This week we see the blooms starting to move, as it looks like full bloom around the 20th.  We have finished pruning and applied fertilizer to all mature trees. We planted onions this week and are awaiting a shipment of potatoes to plant next week.  This year’s tomato plants are being grown by Billy Carter, who owns a greenhouse and has a large produce operation, along with strawberries.  It sure helps to pay him to grow my plants.  We usually target April 15th for planting tomatoes.  Check back soon.



So far we are having a cooler and wetter season than usual. This will hopefully be a good thing as it should lead to a late bloom, which increases our chances of a crop. We have applied a round of nitrogen to all the trees and will apply fertilize soon. A weed control chemical has also been applied with a satisfactory result. Pruning will also finish up soon and we have planted our new trees. We are also renovating our fruit stand and trying to create a better environment for our workers and customers. Well, that’s about all for now. Keep your fingers crossed for this upcoming month, as it is a critical time for fruit growers as we hope to avoid a freeze, which could potentially damage the crop. Thanks for tuning in and we will be back with more updates soon.